-Brand Development Identity and website For Paths Intersect


In 2017, Lily Chan developed Paths Intersect as a life brand aimed at fostering connections while being Business consultancy and wellness program organizer to
solopreneur leave with scalable systems for continues success


-Brand Goal

Developing the branding Identity for Path intersect with the goal empowering people, helping them feel mindful in life and as they grow in their business

The visual direction for the brand was meant to communicate the following keywords: Empowering, Modern,Go-getter, fun and active.


-The creation process

For the logo, we wanted to focus on representing Lily's personality within her brand by connecting different talents and business within her circle building further strong relations, while developing Paths intersect as a personal brand.The main concept was to focus on the idea of how meeting different people and talents can help to connect the dots in our business and personal life.


Early sketches and discoveries for logo concepts


-The concept

Using a Bold, Geometric shape and modern Typography. The mongram are meant to represent the two initials, “P and I”, and give the logo modern feel overall and adding intersecting mark twist while inclosing the overall logo in a geometric shape.

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Artboard 2.png
Artboard 2 copy.png